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((essentially the transformers fandom in one video))

my god

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я все еще не верю, что меня в это втянули

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Sometimes, I seriously wonder how anyone ever successfully accomplised anything in this show.

I think this was the episode I yelled at the screen the most. Just ask the Primes to name all of you, it’s so frustratingly easy! But no, we had to go out and hold stupid contests!
From G1 Season 2, “A Prime Problem”.
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This looks like a cool place to kick it!

Jazz cosplay done, and ready for anime North bitches!


some people are just too damn cool! 

Omg you guys are to nice! LET ME LOVE YOU ALL!

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Optimus Prime (Flat)Rough Size - BigPrice - $45.00+S/H
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Optimus Prime (Flat)
Rough Size - Big
Price - $45.00+S/H

Please visit us here to check availability.

(Submit a request if we are out of stock.)

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Now that Kashi has her package finally I can post this little painting for her C:

<333 Eeeh yesssss thank you again!!! So cute ;u;

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well i was going to do a IDW/Spotlight Blurr photoset but til-all-are-one’s is absolustely perfect sooo this is “the best of the rest”; from both the Spotlight and some from All Hail Megatron :)

Casey Coller is the artist here w/colours by Joana Lafuente. check out some of the captions for links to the clean pages she was gracious enought to post on her DA!